Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Farm-raiding wild elephants moved to national park

NARATHIWAT -- Two wild elephants that have been raiding village crops for 5 months were finally moved to a national park in an 11 hour operation overnight involving 500 people.

The villagers were joined by soldiers, administrators, park rangers, police and veterinarians. Late Sunday they began patiently herding the elephants from a fruit farm where they had been located in Ban Buenae Nakor, in tambon Tamayung of Si Sakhon district, to a local road where two large trucks were parked, waiting.

The animals were then tranquilised, their legs secured with thick ropes, and forced to board the vehicles, with people pulling the ropes and others poking them with sharpened bamboo poles, said Manit Nooyim,local director of national parks, wildlife and plant conservation.

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