Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rescued roaring elephant sounds like a dinosaur revving a motorbike as carers apply his arthritis treatments

A rescued elephant sounds like a cross between a revving motorbike and a dinosaur as carers treat his arthritis.

Phuki is an Asian elephant who was rescued from exploitation in Thailand's logging industry, and now resides in a sanctuary in Chiang Rai.

He has bad ankles, chronic abscesses, arthritis, and a poorly healed broken ankle after years moving huge quantities of wood.

Footage captures his new handlers trying to calm him down while administering his daily leg treatments that help reduce his pain.

Phuki is also in musth, a periodic condition in male elephants characterised by highly aggressive behavior due to a large rise in reproductive hormones.

This means he is agitated easily during his procedures, as is evident from his roar.

Elephants tuck their trunks in their mouths when they are trying to keep calm and Phuki's handler is seen attempting to comfort him by touching his upper palate.

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