Sunday, March 05, 2017

Woman dies after being stomped by aggressive elephants in Kanchanaburi

A woman of Karen origin was killed by a herd of angry wild elephants on Tuesday in the jungle in Kanchanaburi after being unable to escape their attack.

The victim was only identified by her first name, Chama. Her husband, Pujo, recounted to the police how they crossed paths with a herd of 30 elephants when they were taking a drink at a pond in the jungle in Thong Phaphum District.

The couple were walking home after work at the tapioca plant where they were employed in the early evening.

They tried to run but encountered even more elephants as they tried to escape.

Pujo shared his story with the Deputy Chief of Thong Phaphum Police Station, Pol. Col. Sumit Boonyanit.

Though Pujo was uninjured, his wife was not so lucky. The animals stomped her until she was dead. The police retrieved Chama’s body from the jungle, reported Bangkok Post.

Over the last year, elephant attacks have become more common as the wild creatures search for food due to shortages in the jungles and their ever-decreasing natural habitats.

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