Thursday, May 04, 2017

UN woman killed by elephant after herd charges noisy bike

A woman refugee worker died after being kicked by an elephant while on her way home to celebrate Songkran on Friday.

Wansa Khiriarchadai, 26, an employee of the UNHCR shelter in Thasong Yang district in Tak, was attacked by the tusker while she rode on a motorcycle driven by her husband on the way to Mae Sot.

The husband, Boontham Chokthammakan, 31, told police that as they travelled along a road through Khun Khao Pawor National Park in Mae Ramat district, they encountered a herd of six elephants.

The elephants, startled by the sound of the motorcycle, then charged them. Boontham said he stopped and ran, but his wife, who ran in another direction, fell and was kicked by an elephant.

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