Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Four injured when van hit elephant

Rescue workers help the injured out of the van after it hit a wild elephant in Non Dindaeng district, Buri Ram, early Saturday morning.

BURI RAM ­ Four people were injured when their van hit a wild elephant on a highway in Non Dindaeng district early Saturday morning.

Police found the passengers trapped in the rented Toyota van on Highway 348 (Buri Ram­Ta Phraya) in tambon Lam Nang Rong at about 5am. Rescue workers helped them out of the vehicle and sent them to Non Dindaeng Hospital. They were safe.

They were identified as driver Phumchai Srisawat, 47, Miss Marisa Patipat, 54, Mrs Mayuree Traipho, 52, and Mrs Pawicha Boonjan, 54. All are natives of Chanthaburi's Muang district.

One of the passengers said that they had hired the van driver from Chanthaburi for a merit­making trip in Mukdahan province. While the van was on the highway in the early hours of Saturday, a wild elephant suddenly emerged to cross the road at a close range. Local forestry officials were looking for an injured elephant to arrange for treatment.

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