Friday, August 04, 2017

Death of an elephant causes anxiety among villagers at Khao Kluaymai village

Residents living in a village next to Khao Ang Rue Nai wildlife sanctuary are worried that they will be blamed for the recent death of a bull elephant, suspected of being electrocuted, and they are demanding concerned authorities to quickly find out the actual cause of the jumbo’s demise.

The bull elephant, aged about 20 and weighed about 3 tonnes, was found dead in a sugarcane plantation close to the wildlife sanctuary in Khao Kluaymai village, Tambon Klong Tapao, Tha Takiab district of Chachoengsao on July 18. Its trunk got entangled with a barbed wire of a fence which was connected to a 12-volt car battery.

The barbed wire fence was built around the sugarcane plantation and it was connected to a car battery as a deterrent against trespassing by elephants in search of food.

A team of Thai PBS reporter and cameramen visited Khao Kluaymai village on July 21 to talk to the villagers about how they felt about the elephant’s death and how the animal died.

Mr Chamnien Boonruang, the village’s assistant headman, said that no one in the village had wanted an elephant to die in their village and never before that an elephant was killed by electricity generated from a car battery.

He said that several villagers who have pineapple or sugarcane plantations usually connected their barbed wire with car batteries just to scare away elephants search for food because they knew that it was impossible to prevent the animals from foraging for food in their plantations.

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