Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Tour operator finds solution to elephant tourism

World Animal Protection (WAP) researchers last week announced findings that more than three quarters of the 3000 elephants they assessed were living in ‘severely cruel conditions.’

The researchers claim that an increased market for elephant tourism, including activities such as elephant rides, is fuelling elephant cruelty.

Oyster Worldwide agree with the WAP findings that elephants are being mistreated across the globe for entertainment, and want to raise awareness of ways in which travellers can interact with elephants in safe and ethical settings.

“Oyster Worldwide is pleased that WAP has managed to bring cruelty to animals to the mainstream news. It is incredibly important that travellers and tourists are aware of some of the cruelty that goes on behind the scenes,” Destination Manager Anne Smellie said.

The responsible projects provided by Oyster Worldwide include Thailand, Laos, South Africa and several other destinations, where travellers can work with elephants in a protected environment. These projects include either working with elephants who have been rescued from the cruel tourist trade or protecting elephants in the wild.

With a strict vetting criteria for each of the projects they work with, Oyster Worldwide work closely with their partners to ensure they maintain high standards.

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